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It is a mix of analysis, reporting, commentary and links to writing about decisions changing the future. It is focused particularly on how these decisions effect the future for the young people inheriting it. (Need a little more background? Start here.)

What’s it about? 

Here are some topic areas I'm super interested in right now, which will probably show up in the newsletter:

  • The disappearance of the future from public discourse / a focus on short-termism at the expense of the future
  • The adaptation/maladaptation of Millennials to economic conditions
  • The forever wars and what they cost us in terms of what we give up to continue funding them
  • The smash and grab economy
  • Austerity economics (and relatedly, historic underinvestment in infrastructure)
  • The affordable housing crisis
  • The permanent jobs crisis
  • Exclusionary finance
  • Consumer surveillance and financial identity
  • Regulatory capture and what we can do about it
  • Monopoly power, particularly in tech

Where does the information in it come from?

I pull information and ideas for this newsletter from the news, recently-released and noteworthy books, academic papers, government documents and data repositories, twitter, email, and tips from you.

What else is in it?

This newsletter will include occasional advance readings of my research and writing -- including peeks at my book in progress -- in the case that you’ll find it interesting. Or maybe you’ll email me and tell me what’s wrong with it. I welcome all perspectives. 

Why are you doing this? 

I write this to fortify and galvanize you and all of us ... and to spark a conversation. I appreciate different perspectives and additional reading suggestions including links, books or academic papers; or anything else you think I should consider. I'll publish your emails in the newsletter from time to time as well, unless you ask me not to.  Send me an email or DM on Twitter.


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